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Economic Development Planning Sources for Elkhorn City!

The Elkhorn City Area Heritage Council is hosting a YourTown workshop on November 1 -2, 2011 in Downtown Elkhorn City, Kentucky. The workshop is made possible by grant form the National Endowment for the Arts and is a followup to our workshop in 2005.

I thought I would write-up a post for all the folks in Elkhorn City who are working on economic development plans and other city planning ideas.  This would also be a great reference resource for the Workshop.

Here is a list of all the plans that reference Elkhorn City, Kentucky

How about a link to my post on the Ten Things Elkhorn City must do to Thrive.

Are are some links to Regional and Area Planning documents for reference.
Governor Beshear’s four-year plan for Appalachia entitled, Appalachia Tomorrow 2009-2013.  Showing the benefits of adventure tourism.
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