A page about GTD and  legal productivity

GTD is productivity system developed by David Allen.  David’s Book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity is a must read for anyone wanting to get more done.

Daniel Gold has also written an excellent book on GTD and Evernote titled, “Evernote: The unofficial guide to capturing everything and getting things done. 2nd Edition”  Daniel’s book is excellent and worth 10 times more than the 5.00 price.

Tools I use.

I get a lot of questions for friends regarding what type of scanner to use for GTD and paperless office workflow.  The best scanner, bar none, is the Fijitsu Scansnap 1500.  It is will worth the investment.

I use the Fijitsu Scansnap 1300 at  home and when I am on the road.

I use Evernote daily you can see my post on Evernote here and here.


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