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I wrote this post in 2008.  It was originally posted on the Russel Fork Rapid blog.  I thought I would rework it sense I had almost the exact conversation last week with a different musician.

I had an interesting conversation with a local musician a few days ago.  As everyone knows, we have some extremely talented musicians living in Elkhorn City and the Russell Fork River valley.  The problem with most of this local talent is that they tend to hide from us and only share their music with each other. (ie Steve Ruth …. he will at least come out and play once a year).
Local musicians could have such a huge impact on our community if they would just come out and share the music.

Guys if you are going to play it anyway, come out to the EC ballpark on a Saturday night and use the stage! Play for everyone! We can get you a key and the city will even pay the light bill. You never know what could get started if a small group of musicians showed up on a set night and played for who ever came out to listen.  It could be the start of something big.   In fact, that is just how the Renfro Valley Barn Dance got its start.
Now, when I brought this up to the local musician he said that, “You are right “they” need to do that.” Thus, presenting me with “The problem” which is…. every time I am in a conversation with anyone about issues like this it seems I end up being “they”, but you know sometimes other people need to be they.
To get the musicians organized to do this you need musician  to do it.

Every person has some talent they can use to help our community and “they” should get out and use those talents.    You should never hide your light under a bushel.

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2 responses to “EC/Community

  1. Ok….
    Monday Nights at the Rusty Fork Resturant.
    Open Acoustic Jam!
    No Microphones and No Electric Instraments!
    That way everyone leaves with their ears intack.
    Perhaps when the weather warms up we can move it to the City Park. I’m Game! I’ll be glad to work with you one this issue. Music is certainly one of my passions.

  2. Okay, I am all about supporting local businesses such as the Rusty Fork Restaurant. They put on a great show there on Friday and Saturday nights, unfortunately I was only able to be there for a short while due to the layers of smoke billowing throughout the building. That is not a situation I want to bring my wife and children, for we are not smokers and my wife and son have a touch of Asthma. If this were outdoors everyone could attend and the smoke inhalation would be minimal.

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