Lessons learned form West, Texas and Boston

This is a guest post by James Lauren aka James Allen-Polley.  It is a facebook status update that I thought when straight to some big issues facing us all.  Here is James.


“I have refrained from political posts for a while. West, TX changes that for me. West is why we have the EPA. West is why you should be scared shirtless of Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and other proponents of corporate deregulation.

35 people are dead as a result of corporate negligence and deceit. Many more are injured. First responders will be covered in chemical burns, and 10 first responders are already included in that death toll. 

My heart goes out to Boston, but Boston is an act of madness, we cannot prevent the events precipitating the decision to Bomb a marathon.

What we can do is start having man hunts for people who profit off risking the lives of their workers, and start charging the responsible parties with manslaughter. The truest punishment for these people is not a fine, but to have to admit and explain to the world that they are responsible for the deaths of dozens, injuries to hundreds, and for hitting a community to its core.

Then again, nothing changed and no one cared after Upper Big Branch took 30 lives, nothing why should anything change now?”

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