Elkhorn City Trail Town: The Trans-America Bicycle Trail

Elkhorn City is located on one of the most famous and well traveled bicycle Trails in the United States.  

Lets take a bike ride on the Trans-America through Pike County!
The Trail comes into town form the Breaks Interstate Park on Highway 80 (Patty Loveless Drive) The Trail turns at the traffic light and follows Route 197 (West Russell Street to Elkhorn Creek Road)  to  Ashcamp and Route 195.  At Lookout the Trail goes across Poor Bottom Road up the mountain and down Chaney Creek Road to US 23.  The Trail then follow US 23 North to Penny Road at Virgie going across Abner Mountain into Floyd County at Wheelwright.
The Trail thru Eastern Kentucky

The Trail thru Eastern Kentucky

The TransAmerica Trail, also called U.S. Bicycle Route 76, was established by the Adventure Cycling Association for the celebration of the U.S. bicentennial in 1976. At that time, the organization was called Bikecentennial, a name many old-timers still associate with the TransAm Trail. This is still the greatest and most-travelled route crossing America.
The trail starts at the Atlantic Ocean in Yorktown Virginia and crosses Virginia, Kentucky, and the mid west before reaching the Pacific Ocean at Astoria Oregon. The route passes through the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.
Because it takes little-traveled back roads, the route is longer and hillier than if you took the major roads. The route is 4,262 miles long, plus side trips and detours which could add several hundred more miles.
The Trail is noted for its focus on America’s heartland, scenic diversity, and historical interest.
The Kentucky section of this national trail is more than 600 miles long. It runs west to east though the center of the state from rural Crittenden County at the Ohio River to the mountainous Pike County.
A Map of the entire Transamerica Route across Kentucky can be found HERE!
Past post involving the Trans-America Bicycle Trail

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