Economic Development Planning Sources for Elkhorn City!

The Elkhorn City Area Heritage Council is hosting a YourTown workshop on November 1 -2, 2011 in Downtown Elkhorn City, Kentucky. The workshop is made possible by grant form the National Endowment for the Arts and is a followup to our workshop in 2005.

I thought I would write-up a post for all the folks in Elkhorn City who are working on economic development plans and other city planning ideas.  This would also be a great reference resource for the Workshop.

Here is a list of all the plans that reference Elkhorn City, Kentucky

How about a link to my post on the Ten Things Elkhorn City must do to Thrive.

Are are some links to Regional and Area Planning documents for reference.
Governor Beshear’s four-year plan for Appalachia entitled, Appalachia Tomorrow 2009-2013.  Showing the benefits of adventure tourism.
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5 responses to “Economic Development Planning Sources for Elkhorn City!

  1. Could you post the entire “Russell Fork River Connection” Report, even if it chapter by chapter?

  2. roxanne blankenship

    Tim. Thanks for the invite. I would love to attend, as the planning committee has some great ideas and some that are connected to our workshop in 2005. Where and what time Nov. 1 and 2? Glad it will be in “Our Town”. Thanks for all of the work u do. Billy said u called; I will give u a call tomorrow.

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  4. Hi Guys, I would like to take a moment and say thanks to all the people who work for the future of Elkhorn City, I love my home town but do not get back often, Cheryl Ramey recently visited and was asked for her thoughts about her visit which I was impressed, I think she had some good thoughts. When I was home I worked very hard to get Tourism as a major topic for Elkhorn and helped to start the Apple Blossom Festival, we also tried a beauty pageant with that. My last visit was a big surprise as to how much and left the town, but sometimes this has to happen before a rebirth can start. It seems that some progress is starting to improve and getting stronger. Sometimes progress moves very slowly. Again I just wanted to thank the folks who have stayed and those who have returned and those who return and still dream of wonderful things for the future because it will happen!
    Richard Parker

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