Here’s our signs!

Thanks to the Kentucky Department of Transportation and Sara George’s great follow-up on my earlier blog post, we have some  new road signs in Elkhorn City and Elkhorn Creek.  In fact, I am told that the Trans-America Bicycle route is now signed all the way to the Perry County Line.  I hope the rest of the state follows up and signs the route all the way across Kentucky.

Since my last post regarding the Bike trail we have had about 450 bicyclists come through Elkhorn City since early March.  I only count the ones I see so the number is probably higher as to the total use of the 1976 Trans-America Bicycle Trail.
I see most of them at the local restaurant (402 to be exact) and I have seen a lot of them at the local grocery store, that means they are spending money in the local economy.  If we are having a weekend event in Elkhorn City some of the bicyclists hang around the whole weekend.   Based on my rough estimates I would say that bicyclists have about a $25,000.00 dollar a year impact on Elkhorn City’s economy.
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