First Bicyclist of the Year in EC

Bikecentennial Trans-America Bicycle Trail, Lo...

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The first transamerica trail bicyclist have made it into Elkhorn City.  I have been looking out for them all month.   Two fellows headed to San Francisco got into town late on March 30, 2011.  I also keep a count of the total that come thru town each year.  Last, year the count was  754.  I only count them if I see them so the total number has to be greater than 754.

Generally, we start seeing bicyclist around mid March of each year.  It also seems to coincide with the Bradford Pears blossoming each year.  The cyclist travel along the Trans America 1976 Bicycle trial which  was developed in 1976 to celebrate our country’s 200th birthday, or Bikecentennial. Since then, thousands of cyclists have ridden this 4,200 mile route between Virginia and Oregon along America’s back roads. The Trail is noted for its focus on America’s heartland, scenic diversity, and historical interest.

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