10 Things Elkhorn Must do to Thrive!

Downtown Elkhorn City

10 Things Elkhorn Must do to Thrive!

Here is my list of things that Elkhorn City should do to Thrive.  Elkhorn City needs to prepare for new US 460 and be ready to capitalize on its construction and make sure people take the Elkhorn City exit.

This list is no holds barred.  Some of my close friends will not like some of items on this list, but in my opinion they still need to be done.  Some will notice some big topics are missing from this list, but rest assured, if we can get these things done swimming pools and other great things will come.

1.      Establish a Local Tourism and Convention Commission.

2.      Establish a comprehensive Zoning Plan

3.      Elkhorn City must continue to Annex Key property around the new US 460.

a.       All state owned property should be  annexed and more of John Moores Branch.

b.     The City should annex all the way up  Little Beaver Creek along the ridge between Beaver and Ferrells Creek.

c.      The City should annex all of Dunleary Bottom and both of the hollow at Dunleary.  Jesse Rowe  will sign into the City by agreement.

4.      Elkhorn City must clean up!

a.      The City Streets must be clean.  This needs to be a regular maintenance project.  We have been doing pretty good, but more can be done.  The Stone Company needs to pinch in here as well as the Coal Companies.

b.      The dilapidated buildings.  Some were done before the last election.  This needs to continue.

5.      Elkhorn City must reassess property tax values.  This has to be done.  There are too many pieces of property that are being held on too with tax values of 3000.00 – 5000.00 but if you ask for a price to buy the lot the owners wants 75,000.00.  I know this has happened to me on 4 different occasions.  Allowing this to happen robs Elkhorn City of its potential.

6.      Elkhorn City must get a Community Development Block Grant and develop Pine and Main Streets.  This has been talked about for years.  It has to be done now.  The City needs to move the City Hall and County office to Main Street or Pine Street.  This will help foot traffic downtown.

7.      Once the Local Tourism and Convention Commission is established Elkhorn City must pass a 3% restaurant tax.  This tax under state law can only be used to market the town and sustained the Tourism Commission.  The restaurants do not pay the tax, the patrons do.  I have never understood why people go to Pikeville and welling pay a meal tax but if it is mentioned in Elkhorn City they go crazy.  The City should also set a hotel room tax and get ready for develop.  Moore’s Motel already pays this tax to the County.  If we had a Local Tourism Commission it would be paid to EC.

8.      Elkhorn City must build the in river Whitewater Play park that the Heritage Council has started.  This would be a huge draw to downtown and would be key in making sure people do not just drive by on 460.  These parks work.  Everywhere they are built the have a huge economic impact on the local community.

9.      Elkhorn City must continue its Public Art Plan.  Elkhorn City must continue to promote ACT and other individual and public Art initiatives.  The murals and the Blue Line Trail need to be extended.  The riverfront area needs to be keep up as it has been recently.

10.   Elkhorn City must find a way to address most of its public sidewalks.  The old sidewalk to the old school building should be rebuilt.  The highway department took it out after a gravel truck from Elkhorn Stone wrecked and destroyed the guardrail.  There must be a public sidewalk from the new Pike County Housing complex and downtown.

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5 responses to “10 Things Elkhorn Must do to Thrive!

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself Dad! So why did you not run for city council this round?

  2. Being a Kentuckian, though not from Elkhorn City, i appreciate your ideas and agree with you wholly. Let me attest to the potential value adventure tourism (whitewater kayaking and rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping and hiking, fishing, etc…) could provide to a town like Elkhorn City.

    Folks already come to town for the yearly whitewater releases in October. We come to town, spend money, eat, drink, ride the river, cleanup our trash, be merry…and leave.

    Only to do it again the next weekend. We’d love to spend more weekends and more $$$$ in Elkhorn City…just give us the place to play.

  3. Thanks Brian, we are working on it slowly but surely. Remember the Russell Fork runs year round, not just in October. In fact, I saw some paddlers today! and it is just above freezing.

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