The Answer to the Great Swimming Pool Debate … election!

The Elkhorn City public swimming pool has been a huge issue the past two years.  It could be argue that the pool was even the deciding issue in the recent mayoral election.

My heart told me to spend whatever was necessary to get the pool back up and running.  I spent my childhood in the E.C. Pool.  I would ride my bicycle form Beaver Creek, two miles away, to go swimming every day in the summer.  My first job was at the E.C. Pool and I worked for there for three summers.  Some of my fondest memories are tied to the Elkhorn City pool.

Until, recently it was almost everyone’s position that the money to repair the pool should be spent.  However, recently, some folks have mentioned that maybe we should not spend $500,000.00 to reopen it.  The reasons not to

Tubing on the Russell Fork in Downtown Elkhorn City, Kentucky

spend the money on the pool are valid.  First, the Breaks Interstate Park has an excellent pool within 7 miles of Elkhorn City.  Second, the pool makes no money whatsoever for the City, it is a loss leader, at best.  Third, Elkhorn City has the cleanest river in Kentuckyrunning through town and kids could always use the old swimming holes like Peto’s hole, Stillworm, Long hole, etc.   Also, the locally supported Russell Fork Whitewater Recreation Plan, could provide for swimming in the river. Forth, the City would need to raise taxes to come up with the money.  Last but certainly not least is the fact the fact that there is no money!  The County does not have the money and the state does not have the money.

The answer to this debate is simple.  Let the people decide. If the residents of Elkhorn City want to spend $500,000.00 on the swimming pool, put it on the ballot.  We should have a bond issue on the next election ballot.  The question should be “Are you in favor of a 10% increase in City property taxes to pay for the rebuilding of the Elkhorn City Public swimming pool?”  Something tells me it would not pass.  What do you think?

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