Come see the Pretty Water

Breaks Canyon, located in Breaks Interstate Park.
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On a beautiful Sunday morning in April, at 8:30 am I hear …”Pre wa wa daddy” …. “Pre wa wa daddy.”  At first I can’t make out what my, two year old, Tymee Jo is saying.  She just turned two on March 17th and single words have started to become simple sentences.  “What, baby girl?” I said.  “Pre wa wa, daddy!”  It then dawns on me that she wants to go see the pretty water.

She and I  have been taking a short drive up to Ratliff Hole on Saturday mornings, since the warm weather has begun,  and I have told her to look at the Pretty Water.  Ratliff Hole is the local name for the Breaks Interstate Park, river access area about a mile east of Elkhorn City, Kentucky.

She enjoys it and is content for up to half an hour setting in my lap and watching the in the pretty water.

Upon reflection, I have realized that she is content watching the pretty water because I am content watching the pretty water.  There is a cleansing that comes with watching the pretty water.  It seems that the ups and downs, bumps and bruises, and stress and strain of the week float away with the rush of river.  The sound of the water is soothing and the smell of spring is invigorating.

Often, time slows down when Tymee Jo and I go watch the pretty water. The hour we spend together at the river is a source of renewal and strength for me and an amazing time of wonder and discovery for her.  I sometimes look at Tymee Jo’s red hair reflecting against the clear green river and realize that all is perfect at this time in this place.

So if you ever need some time for reflection and renewal come and see the pretty water. You will probably see Tymee Jo and I sitting by the river.

The pretty water in this post is the Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River.  It is the

The Russell Fork with Pine Mountain in the background

most pristine waterway in the Commonwealth of Kentucky form the Virginia state line through Elkhorn City, Kentucky.  The Russell Fork is a destination for thousands of boaters, paddlers, fisherman and pretty water watchers like Tymee Jo and I.

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3 responses to “Come see the Pretty Water

  1. Kathy Mullins/Stewart

    I hope u made that trip this morning, Sat. Dec. 25th, 2010. Im just imagining what beauty lays there this morning. A White Christmas…a beautiful gift for those who chose to receive it.

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